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Our Restless Earth: The Geologic Regions of Tennessee
by Edward T. Luther

JANUARY 16, 2002--Through maps, diagrams, charts, photographs, and text, this book takes you on a journey through the geology of Tennessee. Beginning with "Old Man River's Playground: The Flood Plain of the Mississippi" Mr. Luther presses eastward, stopping to observe the "Home of the Seagoing Dinosaur: The Plateau Slope of West Tennessee", wandering along the "Contrary River: The Western Valley of the Tennessee", before arriving in "Cannonball Country: The Western Highland Rim". The author then takes you right into the "Bull's-eye Center of Tennessee: The Central Basin", across the "Plateau of the Barrens: The Eastern Highland Rim", and the "Sky-high Table Land: The Cumberland Plateau", down into the "Land of the Rootless Ridges: East Tennessee's Great Valley". Mr. Luther makes a quick stop at "Tennessee's Eastern Rampart: The Unaka Range" before treating you to a look at the "Explosion Structures: Tennessee's Mystery Craters".

©1977 University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville
ISBN 0-87049-230-6



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