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Space Settlement Design: For several years, three members of the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society were part of an award-winning Aerospace Design Team. Click here to see those award winning designs.

Space Related Links: This list of internet resources is provided in an effort to assist you in space research. Click here to access the list.

Space Articles: To read a specific article, click on the article title below.
2007.05 Mercury has a molten core
2007.04 Potentially habitable planet orbits Gliese 581 c
2007.04 Red trees on alien worlds
2007.04 Big auroras on Jupiter
2007.04 NASA telescope finds planets thrive around stellar twins
2007.04 First steps to Mars
2007.03 Bizarre hexagonal structure found on Saturn MAGS article
2006.11 Apollo: top ten lunar discoveries MAGS article
2006.11 Eris: dwarf planet larger than Pluto MAGS article
2006.09 New definition of planet adopted by IAU MAGS article
2002.04 Earthshine MAGS article
2001.06 The threat of asteroids MAGS article
2001.04 The lure of hematite: what makes the red planet red MAGS article
2000.06 Life on Mars? MAGS article

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